Welcome to our new home in Mountville, SC

Eagle Sky Alpacas, Mountville,SC

We are a small farm located in Mountville, South Carolina. We came here from Jamul, California, with around 36 alpacas, two llamas, two horses and a bunch of dogs. Jamul is just east of San Diego and located on the west side of the desert foothills in San Diego county. Our main reason for moving to South Carolina was the ability to graze the alpacas and horses to reduce our hay costs. So far so good. Since we moved the alpacas here the mild winter has allowed us to save on a bit of our feed costs. We can now start to improve our hay fields and store our own hay for future winters that may not be as mild as the last. We bought the property in Mountville in 2008. Soon after we built a two car garage with a one bedroom apartment on top. Next we built the barn in preparation to receive the animals. Our original plans were to live in the apartment while we built our dream log home. The downturn in the economy made us modify our plans a bit. Becky came before me and watched the log home, which we designed, go up. I stayed and worked an additional year in San Diego. I had to rent a small one bedroom duplex in San Diego one mile from Petco Park. If you have to get stuck somewhere, San Diego is the place to get stuck. After a year of being separated it came to a point that the separation was no longer tolerable and now we are all together. We are getting quite settled now and are eager to share our love of raising alpacas with our new friends and neighbors here in the Carolinas and Georgia. Why don't you come to our farm and see for yourself what an awesome life it is raising alpacas.

Follow this link to Google Maps for directions to our farm!