Newest Cria Pictures


Sauna is our miracle baby. She was very weak when she was born. Unable to stand on her own to nurse, we had to intervene. We started bottle feeding and brought her into the house to keep a close eye on her progress. She was taking in a very little nurishment in the beginning, but her digestive system seemed to be functioning so we were hopeful she would get stronger and stand on her own. She wasn't, she continued to get weaker. After a few days she became so weak she couldn't hold up her head on her own. We called the vet to put an end to the pain. As we held her waiting for the vet to come she just seemed unwilling to give up, so we decided to cancel the vet and let her fight as long as she could. She continued to get worse for the rest of the evening, then at some point in the early hours of the morning she began to gain some strength. Within a couple of days she was able to get up on her own and we were able to get her nursing on mom. She's been doing great ever since.

Sauna with Coco

Sauna with mom in her very early days with the herd. She has a harness on because she still needed a little assist while she was learning to nurse.

Keilani and Mary

Keilani with her mom, Mary. She has grown to be a very friendly girl with very soft fiber.

Keilani and Sauna

Taking a nap with a friend under the shady of a tree. This is the life.


He is another Kieko boy and he looks just like his brothers. Born 12 February 2010 He has really good looking fiber. We have high hopes for his future.

                                          Grandsire: K-2
            Dam: Desert Rose  ⟨
                                          Granddam: ALCR Sienna
Charger  → ⟨
                                          Grandsire: Camilio's Accoyo Kahuna
            Sire: BDAP Keiko ⟨
                                          Granddam: PC Peruvian Cleo


Here he is our first Keiko boy on the ground! He is a big feisty boy. Born 21 November 2009, a hefty 20 Lbs 2 oz at birth.

                                       Grandsire: Bolivian White Ice
            Dam: Lil Bit Frosty  ⟨
                                       Granddam: Poinsettia La Boliviana
Saint → ⟨
                                            Grandsire: Camilio's Accoyo Kahuna
            Sire: BDAP Keiko ⟨
                                            Granddam: PC Peruvian Cleo