Other Creatures Great and Small

I know I'm in charge.


Misty, just resting for the next round of tormenting everyone! We affectionately call her LM, short for "Little Monster".

A well deserved rest after destroying a stuffed toy!

The Big Dogs

Left to right Bob, Millie and Tawney. They are taking a break from destroying Misty's toys and as a result being harassed by Misty.

I need something to herd!

I gotta herd!

Roxy can be seen all over the place herding anything and everything! I have even watched her try to herd a grasshopper until it sought refuge under a car.

Hurry it up lady! You're not the only one that's got to eat around here!

Ally and Wonder

Ally loves her bird seed . We have to be careful when she's out to keep the garage door closed. She has discovered that this is where we keep the bird seed stored and she will wander into the garage and help herself.

Hey guys keep your eyes open for evil doers!

Casey On Guard

Casey, center with his back to us, is guarding his domain. He is getting a little help from Tobie on the left. Millie at the stable is searching for anything that moves. Casey pasted away Christmas Day 2009. His is missed.

This is so unfair!!

The Babysitter

I stand watch all day protecting this place from evil and how am I rewarded? I have to baby sit Brownie and Munchkin! Even though Casey is not with us anymore he is still in our hearts so he is still included on this page.

These humans, always hoarding the good stuff!

Got Grass?

Wonder, Ally and Romeo trimming the lawn.



Is everybody happy?

Where's the food!

The Pool Party

I see a nice potted Ficus over there I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into.

Who invited those creatures to our party!

Who Invited Those Guys!!

Goats!? Goats!? We have goats!!